Ways We Work Locally


Making connections

HCCA brings people together to share ideas, make plans and take action to create and support healthy communities through:

  • Sharing information
  • Holding public meetings
  • Staffing workgroups
  • Hosting community forums
  • Providing technical assistance to schools and worksites
  • Assessing community health status, strengths and needs

Improving Lives

HCCA works with individuals and organizations and state partners to:

  • Reduce tobacco use and exposure
  • Increase physical activity
  • Improve nutrition
  • Prevent alcohol and drug abuse
  • Link people to health screenings and community resources to prevent and reduce the impact of chronic diseases

HCCA Programs and Accomplishments

Each year for our Annual Meeting, HCCA creates an overview of our programs and accomplishments in the preceding year. Below are overviews from past years:

2017 Program Highlights: "Opening New Doors to Healthy Communities"

2016 Program Highlights: "The Many Ways We Invest In Our Communities"
2015 Program Highlights: "Mission Possible"
2014 Program Highlights: "Local Public Health Across the Lifespan"
2013 Program Highlights: "Expanding Efforts in Local Public Health"
2012 Program Highlights: "Celebrating Public Health"
2011 Program Highlights: "Your Local Public Health Plan: Creating Healthier Communities"
2010 Program Highlights: "This is Local Public Health"
2009 Program Highllights: "This is Public Health"