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TIME is a MEHAF funded project with three phases: Pre-planning, Planning and Implementation.

Time looks at the area defined by the towns along the Kennebec River from Augusta to Gardiner: Augusta, Chelsea, Randolph, Pittston, Richmond, Gardiner, Farmingdale, and Hallowell.

During 2014, a Leadership Group has been guiding the Pre-Planning stage - conducting interviews, and collecting and sorting through information and data - in order to identify three public health issues that, if worked on collaboratively, would make a lasting positive impact for health outcomes in the area.

The three identified issues are:

  • Food insecurity/healthy food access
  • Housing
  • Substance abuse

The next step in identifying the ONE issue on which to focus for the remainer of the 4 year process is to convene a group of community leaders in the subject matters to discuss and pick ONE of the issues that best meets the purpose of the project, as articulated above.

The agenda of the upcoming meeting is accessed through this link.