Full Staff Photo

Pictured L to R: Jane, Denae, April, Holly, Karen, Renee, Rachael, Courtney, Jada, Joanne, Nan

Nan Bell
Let's Go!
5-2-1-0 Coordinator 
Nan serves district-wide  and supports schools and early childcare sites to increase healthy eating and integrate physical activity into the school day for all children
April Hughes
District Tobacco Coordinator 
April assists schools, municipalities, multi-unit housing, colleges and technical schools, behavioral health settings and more to increase locations with tobacco-free/smoke-free policies.
Jane Hutchinson
Financial Project Assistant 
Jane works with Medical Care Development processing accounts payable and accounts receivable and collaborates with staff managing budgets and financial reports.
Joanne E.A. Joy
Executive Director 
Joanne began her work with the organization in April of 2001. Joanne continues to lead the organization with a clear focus on the mission to convene and support people, organizations and communities to collaborate on quality of life and public health issues. 
Holly Kiidli
Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator
Holly coordinates substance abuse prevention projects that fall under state and federal work plans. She also facilitates meetings and collaborates with members of southern Kennebec's Drug Free Communities coalition: The Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention (ASAP).
  Renee Page
Assistant Director 
 Renee oversees SNAP-Ed and FoodCorps implementation, is the lead on Farm to School and local foods efforts, and is HCCA’s primary school liaison.
Rachael Reynolds
SNAP-Ed Coordinator 
Rachael manages activities that fall under the SNAP-Ed grant, including scheduling and delivering nutrition and physical activity education to the low- income community in southern Kennebec County.
  Courtney Roderick
SNAP-Ed Project Assistant
Courtney works as a SNAP-Ed Nutrition Educator delivering USDA evidence-based nutrition education to the low-income community in southern Kennebec County.

Denae Spencer
Central District Youth Engagement and Empowerment Coordinator 

Denae provides support for the new Youth Policy Board and trains youth groups in Youth Taking Action providing skills to be actively involved community members.
Karen Tucker
Special Projects Coordinator 
Karen works in the community with municipalities on public health initiatives. Current primary projects are Lead Poisoning Prevention in Augusta and Gardiner, and Prime for Life based curriculum for age 12-20. She also is HCCA’s primary liaison to public and media outlets and proofreader extraordinaire.
Jada Wensman
FoodCorps Service Member  
Jada teaches kids about what healthy food is and where it comes from, builds and tends school gardens along with students, and works to bring high-quality local food into public school cafeterias.