Rural Active Living Assessment

The Rural Active Living Assessment (RALA) was designed by researchers at the Maine Rural Health Research Center at the University of Southern Maine.

The RALA assesses the “friendliness” of a community for walking, biking, and recreation. The town as a whole is assessed, including how it is laid out; where people live, work, and go to school; and how people are likely to get from one place to another. Finally, it provides a structure for assessing programs and policies with a focus on identifying barriers in the community to living an active, healthy life.

Healthy Communities of the Capital Area is charged with completing the three RALA assessments, including a scoring tool, in our 19 towns by June of 2016. Anyone can help their town complete the RALA! If you are interested in helping complete the RALA in your town, contact Karen Tucker at (207) 588-5012.

RALA Informational Materials:

One-page information sheet

RALA codebook & scoring information

RALA Implementation Materials:

Assessment tools

Town-Wide Assessment Tool

Program and Policy Assessment Tool

Street Segment Assessment Tool

Scoring tools

Town-Wide Assessment Scoring Tool

Program and Policy Assessment Scoring Tool

*Note: there is no Street Segment Assessment Scoring Tool