Public Health in Maine

HCCA, works with a coalition of community partners to reduce tobacco use and exposure, increase physical activity, improve nutrition, prevent alcohol and drug abuse, and link people to health screenings and community resources to prevent and reduce the impact of chronic diseases.

The 8 District Coordinating Councils (DCC) address additional public health issues.  The Central District includes all of Kennebec and Somerset Counties.

The State Coordinating Council for Public Health (SCC) is a representative statewide body of public health stakeholders that engages in collaborative planning and coordination.  Its members provide several key functions, including: ensuring that the state public health system is ready for accreditation; obtaining statewide input for the State Health Plan; and helping to determine how best to deliver essential public health services across the state in the most efficient, effective and evidence-based manner possible. Click here to go to the SCC website.

Every town in Maine has a Local Health Officer (LHO). LHOs help solve health and environmental challenges in the community they serve. For information about Local Health Officers or to find your LHO, click here.