HCCA works in the community to create environmental, policy, and systems changes to reduce alcohol and substance misuse in southern Kennebec County. There is no one solution to preventing substance abuse; prevention happens in many ways through working with many community partners. HCCA, along with its Drug Free Communities coalition, the Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention (ASAP), collaborates with community partners to create programs and efforts that focus on four concepts linked to preventing substance abuse. For information abour any of the following initiatives and more, contact Holly Kiidli at h.kiidli@hccame.org or 588-5027

1. Reducing access. When alcohol and other drugs are less available (especially to youth) people are less likely to misuse or abuse them.

  • Set up trainings for alcohol sellers/servers on how to prevent risky sales.
  • Set up secure drop boxes at four local police stations, to help remove unused/expired drugs from family medicine cabinets.

2. Build awareness of the risks of misuse of alcohol and other drugs. When people are informed about the risks they can make healthier choices.

  • Give out brochures
  • Distribute videos
  • Give real time presentations
  • Coordinate classes on the risks of use and how to make safe choices

3. Ensure that there are appropriate consequences for significant misuse.

  • Help schools and municipalities create rules and policies that discourage use and respond to use effectively.
  • Fund enforcement activities by local police departments to help them respond to underage drinking parties and other illegal use.

4.  Build youth assets. These programs help youth learn the skills and build the relationships they need to live a stronger, happier, healthier life.

  • Coordinate the Winthrop Worksite Visits Program for middle school youth.