FoodCorps at HCCA

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What is FoodCorps?

FoodCorps is a nationwide effort to connect kids to healthy food in schools. HCCA hosts a FoodCorps Service Member each year who teaches kids about what healthy food is and where it comes from, builds and tends school gardens along with students, and works to bring high-quality local food into public school cafeterias. Click here for contact information for the current FoodCorps Service Member or see current FoodCorps updates through HCCA's Facebook.

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Since 2011, FoodCorps Service Members with HCCA have:

  • Built or revitalized 6 school gardens in Gardiner and Augusta
  • Taught Cooking Matters classes in Gardiner and Augusta
  • Planted a school orchard at Gardiner Area High School
  • Held a summer cooking camp for elementary students
  • Started a garden club at Gardiner Regional Middle School
  • Harvested over 400 pounds of school garden produce
  • Helped introduce 12 new items to Gardiner school cafeterias
  • Held 50+ cafeteria taste tests with over 250 pounds of local produce in Gardiner and Augusta
  • Partnered with Maine Agriculture in the Classroom to help train teachers in garden-based education
  • Involved over 60 community members as school garden or cooking volunteers

HCCA FoodCorps Service Members teach more than 1,500 kids about real, healthy food in school every year!

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Get Involved with FoodCorps

Are you are a K-12 public school teacher? Contact our Service Member for free curriculum resources, garden-based lesson ideas, or if you'd like to incorporate hands-on healthy food learning into any subject. 

Are you are a parent or community member? Please consider volunteering with FoodCorps. Our goal is to increase community utilization of the school garden, especially over the summer! Contact our Service Member to get involved. Black thumb or experienced gardener, we would love your help! Cafeteria taste tests are also a great way to get involved, especially if you like to cook, or would like to learn more about cooking for a large group. 

Do you have unused garden tools? Expertise in gardening or cooking? Volunteer to share this knowledge with the next generation! Our FoodCorps Service Member can help you contribute your skills or resources to a school in need.

Don't have a lot of time, but would still like to help? HCCA relies exclusively on donations to meet program requirements support the FoodCorps Service Member's expenses, and provide materials for projects. DONATE HERE

FoodCorps at HCCA is generously supported by Maine Ag in the Classroom.