Alcohol Prevention

What a huge responsibility we take every time a customer comes to the register asking to buy alcohol and/or tobacco. We take the responsibility seriously and have instructed our staff to do the same! We wouldn’t have the knowledge we have if it weren’t for the efforts HCCA have made regarding training and education in these areas. -Nancee Prince, owner of Four Corners General Store in West Gardiner


HCCA prevents alcohol use by youth in a number of ways, mainly through reducing access to alcohol and increasing awareness of the consequences of underage drinking or providing alcohol to minors. If you are interested in any of the programs below, please contact Holly Kiidli (

Responsible Beverage Server Trainings


HCCA coordinates and offers Responsible Beverage Server (RBS) trainings to area stores and restaurants twice a year. RBS is intended to:

  • Educate sales staff about laws regarding alcohol sales
  • Strengthen the confidence of staff to follow state and national laws
  • Prevent costly violations
  • Provide a model for effective store policies
  • Create safer communities by reducing risky alcohol sales

After completing the training and receiving the state certification some businesses have even received a lower Liquor Liability Insurance premium. The benefits to being trained are numerous, and the certification lasts 5 years! Contact Kalie Hess ( or 588-5033) for more information.


Shoulder Taps and Compliance Checks


Through the Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention’s Law Enforcement Task Force, HCCA supports shoulder taps and compliance checks. For these prevention strategies, law enforcement officials check that alcohol retailers, bars, and restaurants aren’t serving alcohol to minors and adults aren’t buying alcohol for minors. This raises awareness of the consequences of serving or supplying alcohol to minors in the community.

Sticker Shock


HCCA partners with community youth groups to implement the “Sticker Shock” initiative. Sticker Shock is a program in which youth go to local alcohol retailers (with permission from the store and adult supervision) to place state-provided orange stickers on alcohol containers. The stickers detail consequences for supplying alcohol to minors. It is a fun way to get youth involved and talking about alcohol and helps educate adults about the legal consequences of providing alcohol to minors.


Resource Sharing


In order to increase awareness about the harms of alcohol abuse, HCCA distributes informational materials to community partners such as businesses, libraries, and schools. One popular campaign HCCA promotes is called “Parents Who Host Lose the Most.” Look for lawn signs with the slogan in your town!